On the Cover - daffodils and a bluebird house at the
                            entrance to Dauset Trails

          Have you ever seen a farrier shoe a horse? Have you witnessed a rescue dog demonstration? Do you remember how much fun an Easter egg hunt can be? Have you been on a hay ride lately?

        If you answered "no" to any of these questions, then mark your calendar for April 22, 2000.  You can do these and many other exciting activities at Dauset Trails' Open House.
         We will have music, food, environmental
exhibitors, demonstrations, and wildlife/ botanical art.
         Activities will begin at 10:00 a.m. and continue until 5:00. Come out and spend a fun-filled day with us!

____1. Opossum
____2. Raccoon
____3. Rattlesnake
____4. Beaver
____5. Bear
____6. Green Anole
____7. Skunk

A. If you hear this tail, slowly move away.
B. This small-sized tail is hard to see on this animal.
C. This ringed-tail belongs to a
bandit of sorts.
D. This tail helps its owner escape hungry predators.
E. This tail is good for swimming.
F. This tail helps in climbing trees.
G. Run if this tail gets raised!

Changing Times

          The ice storm that hit Georgia in late January this year made a big  mess at Dauset Trails.  The broken branches resulted in over three days of cleaning.
          The small lake near the visitor's center froze over with a thin layer of ice. Our daily feeding of dried corn kernels to the resident ducks created a tuneful surprise. As the hard yellow kernels  scattered across the frozen surface, a chime-like symphony sounded from the ice.
          The ducks and geese had no trouble getting to the corn. They pushed through the ice from their
water holes to reach the food.
          But the squirrels who usually scavenge on the banks,  took a little risk and scampered out onto the  middle to get the corn. You might say they were walking on thin ice.

       Want a Date?  Well, you have to be quick!  Each year more and more visitors discover the attractiveness and innate beauty of Dauset Trails. We begin taking reservations the first working day of the new year. 
       Our field trip reservation calendar fills quickly each year, especially during the spring time. We can also book your reunions, parties and group camping. We have many summer and fall dates available.

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