Don't Tread On Me!
Dauset Trails remembers 9-11

"For a nation is come up upon my land, strong, and without number,
whose teeth are the teeth of a lion, and he has the cheek teeth of a great lion."

Joel 1:6

To begin our wildlife program September 11, 2002, for a Home School group from Macon, Georgia, we held a special ceremony. Everyone gathered around our flag pole and stood respectfully with hats off and over our hearts. There we lowered the flag to half staff and held a moment of silence to honor those who lost loved ones in the NY tragedy in 2001.

Save this picture! Print it! Laminate it! Place it on your vehicle!
Show your U.S. pride!

Bald Eagle/U.S. flag designed by
Gordon Respess, Naturalist,
Dauset Trails Nature Center