Click here for Horse Trail.

These trails offer beautiful, scenic experiences for
hikers and mountain bike enthusiasts of all skill levels!

There are 20 + miles of trails for mountain biking and hiking.

Dogs are allowed on our hike and bike trails with a 6 foot leash.
Dogs are not allowed inside the fenced-in nature center area.

Ride to Indian Springs State Park and back on a scenic 3.25 mile trail (each way).

Print the latest trail map!

PDF file Special thanks to Kevin Haywood of OMBA
for creating and updating the map.

The trails are routed into 3 categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
The trail map contains way points numbering from 1-24.
Click here for the sequential order of way points for the different skill-level routes.

Rider enjoys a 35 foot-long bridge over Longbranch Creek.
You have a choice: take the bridge or take the creek!

Action on Fern Gully

Watch a video of Fern Gully! Ride Fern Gully
Help us take care of our trails-don't ride or hike when trails are wet.
Hiking and biking on wet trails ruins trail conditions
and creates negative experiences for future users!

Trail Use After Hours
Trails are open from sunrise to 10:00 p.m.
Trail Head Parking is 300 yards left of Main Entrance.