Austin Dean, a  Wildlife Management major at ABAC in Tifton, GA, volunteered at Dauset Trails to gain experience for his college classes. He enjoys wildlife photography,
fishing, hiking, and anything outdoors.
     Austin has been coming to Dauset Trails ever since he can remember and always knew about the volunteer  program offered.
     At Dauset Trails, he learned quickly that taking care of animals was only a small part of working at an 'animal park.' Maintaining bridges, mowing, keeping the place looking nice
are just a few of the duties involved . "Getting spooked by the Bison while trimming weeds around  the Exhibit was an exciting experience."
     He was hooked on Day Camp. For the fishing contest, he baited hooks with worms and crickets. He removed hooks from fish, kids and tree branches. He helped grill hotdogs and serve watermelons for the traditional Wednesday cookout.
     Another highlight was riding up to a refrigerated warehouse in Atlanta to pick up frozen tubes of meat used our animal diets. "I've never seen anything like that in my life. There
were people inside wearing ski parkas in August!" Austin said.
     Overall, he thoroughly enjoyed working at Dauset Trails and "highly recommends
volunteering if you have the time."

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