Every Fall Dauset Trails holds a Scarecrow Contest.
The scarecrows (and their owners) compete for cash prizes.
Some have a theme and many are single ideas.

Scare Crow 2001 Contest Winners
First place-A crow wedding by the Azalea Garden Club of Jackson Second Place: Mary Buttrill School display of Jackson United Methodist Church Third Place: Statue of Liberty by Hannah Bowman of Macon  Fourth Place: Soldier by Andrew Bowman of Macon

Scare Crow 2000 Contest Winners
First place-Diggin' Daisey by Rachael, Jordan and Jacob Cannon Second place Selma's Pumpkin Patch by Azalea Garden Club Third place Clown by Traci Anderson

Scare Crows 1999


Dauset Trails also makes fall displays that are not in the contest!
Here are some of our previous ones below:

Be sure to visit and see a new display each year!

Scare Crows 2001


Scare Crows 2000


Scare Crows 1999

Scare Crows 1998