Georgia's Protected Plants

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has compiled a list of flora considered threatened throughout the state. Decline of these flora is attributed to:

habitat destruction or conversion,
habitat degradation from incompatible land use,
habitat fragmentation,
introduction of non-native species, diseases, parasites,
suppression of natural phenomena (like fire),
and exotic species.

Wildflower Preservation Act

This act authorizes rules for collection, transport, sale and listing of protected plants. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has the authority to list any species as protected that meets the requirements of the Board of Natural Resources.

No protected plant may be collected without written landowner permission.

No protected plant may be transported within Georgia without a transport tag with permit number attached.

No protected plants may be collected from state-owned lands without the express permission of the Georgia DNR.

On private lands, the landowner has ultimate authority on what protection efforts, if any occur regarding protected plants. Since the majority of the state is held by private landowners, the survival of these species will depend upon the dedication of individual landowners to help and protect these plants.

To obtain protected plant permits or transport tags, contact the Georgia DNR at:
2117 U.S. Hwy 278 SE, Social Circle, Georgia 30279. (770) 918-6411 or (706) 557-3032

These species are protected in Georgia and are listed alphabetically:

Alabama Milkvine, Alabama Snow-wreath, Alabama Spiny-pod, Amphianthus,(Little), Amphiglottis conopsea, Anise (Florida), Arnoglossum diversifolium, Arrow-wwod (Limerock), Asarum, Ashe's Savory, Asphodel (Mountain), Atlantic White-cedar, Azalea (plumleaf), Azalea prunifolia, Balduina (Purple), Ball-moss, Baltzell Sedge, Barbara Buttons-(Coosa, Mohhr's, Pine Barren's, Pineland), Barren Strawberry (Piedmont), Basil (Ohoopee Wild), Bay Star-vine, Beardtongue (Cutleaf), Beargrass, Bells (Oconee), Benzoin melissafolium, Biltmore Sedge, Black-spored Quilwort, Blue Ridge Golden Ragwort, Blue Ridge Purple Sedge, Bog Heartleaf, Bonamia pickeringii, Brauneria laevigata, Breweria pickeringii, Buckthorn (Climbing, Swamp), Bunchflower (Ozark), Bunch-moss, Burnet (Canadian), Butterwort (Clearwater), Cahaba Lily, Calamint (Ashe's), Callaway Ginger, Camellia (Silky), Campion (Fringed), Canadian Burnet, Canby Dropwort, Catchfly (Royal), Cedar (Atlantic White), Cedar (Stinking), Chaffseed, Cinquefoil (Three-toothed), Clearwater Butterwort, Climbing Buckthorn, Climbing Magnolia, Clinopodium ashei, Coltsfoot(One-flower), Coneflower (Smooth Purple), Conjurer's Nut, Convovulus pickeringii, Cooley Meadowrue, Coosa Barbara Buttons, Creeping Morning Glory, Croomia, Cumberland Rose Garden, Curtis Loosestrife, Cutleaf Beardtongue, Cycloden alabamensis, Cymophyllus fraserianus, Cypripedium parviflorum, C. pubescens, Dawnflower (Pickering), Dodder (Harper), Draba (Sun-loving), Draba (Open-ground), Dracocephalum leptophyllum, D. veroniciforme, Dragonhead (False), Dropwort (Canby), Dwarf Stonecrop, Dwarf Sumac, Dwarf Witch-alder, Eastern Turkeybeard, Elliottia, Endorima atropurpurea, False Dragonhead, False Hellebore (Wood's), False Indigo (Hairy), False Pimpernel (Rock), False Poison Sumac, Fimbristylis (Harper), Fimbry (Harper), Fivefingers (Three-toothed), Five-leaves (Lesser), Flatrock Onion, Florida Anise, Florida Torreya, Florida Willow, Fly-catchers, Flytrap, Flytrap (Yellow), Fraser Loosestrife, Fraser Sedge, Fringed Campion, Fringed Gentian, Fringeless Orchid (White), Gentian (Cumberland Rose), Gentian (Fringed), Gentian (Rose), Gentiana crinita, Gentianella crinita, Georgia Plume, Georgia Rockcress, Ginger (Callaway), Ginger (Harper Wild), Glabraria geniculta, Gladecress (Least), Golden Ragwort (Blue Ridge), Golden Slipper, Golden Trumpets, Golden-aster (Sandhill), Goldenseal, Gonolobus pubiflorus, Gopherwood, Granite Stonecrop, Granite Whitlow-grass, Grass (Hirst Panic), Great Plains Ladies-tresses, Green Pitcherplant, Greenfly Orchid, Habenaria cornellii, Hairy False Indigo, Hairy Rattleweed, Hairy Wild Indigo, Harper Dodder, Harper Fimbristylis, Harper Fimbry, Harper Love-vine, Harper Strangle-weed, Harper Wild Ginger, Harperella, Harperella fluviatilis, H. nodosa, H. vivipara, Heartleaf (Bog), Helebore (Wood's False), Heterotheca pinifolia, Hirst Panic Grass, Honeycomb Head (Purple), Honeysuckle (Red), Hooded Pitcherplant, Indian Olive, Indian Pitcher, Indian Plantain (Variable-leaved), Indigo (Hairy False), Indigo (Hairy Wild), Indigo (Wild), Jove's Fruit, Kral Water-plantain, Ladies-tresses (Great Plains), Ladyslipper (Pink), Ladyslipper (Yellow), Large-flowered Skullcap, Lax water-milfoil, Least Gladecress, Leavenworthia, Lesser Five-leaves, Lily (Cahaba), Limerock Arrow-wood, Linera "melissaefolium", Little Amphianthus, Loosestrife (Curtiss), Loosestrife (Fraser), Manhart Sedge, Marl Spleenwort, Mat-forming Quillwort, Meadowrue (Savanna), Meadow (Trailing), Mesadenia diversifolia, Michaux Sumac, Milkvine (Trailing), Moccasin Flower, Mohr's Barbara Buttons, Monkeyface Orchid, Morning-glory (Pickering), Morning-glory (Silky), Morzenti Spleenwort, Mountain Asphodel, Mountain Skullcap, Moss (Ball), Moss (Bunch), Narrowleaf Obediant Plant, Nestronia, Nevius Stonecrop, Oak (Oglethorpe), Ocmulgee Skullcap, Oconee Bells, Ohoope Wild Basil, Persistent Trillium, Persistent Wake-robin, Piedmont Barren Strawberry, Pimpernel (Rock False), Pine-leaved Golden Aster, Pitcherplant (Parrot, Purple, Red, Sweet, Whitetop), Pityopsis pinifolia, Pogonia (Small Whorled), Pond Spice, Pond Spicebush, Pondberry, Pool Sprite, Puck's Orpine, Purple Balduina, Quilwort (Black-spored, Mat-forming), Rattleweed (Hairy), Relict Toadshade, Rosemary (Sandhill), Royal Catchfly, Sarsaparilla (Wild), Savory (Ashe's), Sedge (Velvet, Wretched), Shoals Spiderlily, Shortia, Snorklewort, Starflower, Sumac (Dwarf, False Poison, Michaux), Sun-loving Draba, Tennessee Yellow-eyed Grass, Toadshade (Relict), Trumpets (White), Twinleaf, Velvet Sedge, Virginia Spirea, Wagner Spleenwort, Wake-Robin (Persistent), Willow (Florida), Wood's False Hellebore, Wretched Sedge, Yellow Flytrap, Yellow Ladyslipper.

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