These are our favorite photos taken at Dauset Trails
and most were featured on the "Trail Events/News" page.

Little Green Heron

Great Blue Heron

Water lily and Bee

Spicebush caterpillar

Gulf Fritillary

DT remembers Memorial Day

Controlled Burn at DT

World's Biggest Acorn?

Look at dem snappers!

Red-spotted purple at DT

Rat Snake Goose!

New Year's Goat 2011

Icy Trails 2011

Cane Syrup 2010

Fishing Rodeo

Sled Ride

Cane Syrup 09

Not in Nature

Day Camp 2009

No More Pictures!

Copperhead Road

New Kids on the Block

The Catfish King

New for 2007

Syrup Workshop at Dauset

Green Treefrog at Dauset

Tiger Swallowtail at Dauset

Alligator at Dauset

Ghost Ring at Dauset

Bloodroot at Dauset

River otters at Dauset

Fall '04 color at Dauset

Mud Turtle hatchling

Daffofils at Dauset

Fall 2003 Displays

Butterfly Garden

Lotus bloom

Gopher Tortoise

Girl with Heron

Lead a cow...

Chickin' Pickin'

Rob carves hawk

Purple mushrooms

Young Beaver

Remember 9-11

Water lilies

Baby Screech Owls

Three Kids

Humming bird

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Bike Trail Kiosk

Farm Animal Exhibit

Mule lips

Cicada Killer on prey

Scarecrow at Dauset

Scarecrow at Dauset

Pumpkin Party at Dauset

Acorn stump carving


Native Azalea

Water lily at Lotus Pond

Beech trees

Oxeye Daisies

Visitor's Center-1980

Bird feeder in the winter

The Squirrel

Muscadine- 2 for 1!

Turtles in a row

Tree frog tree stump