Nearby Attractions

Indian Springs State Park (2 miles away)

High Falls State Park (6.6 miles away)

High Falls Water Park (6.8 miles away)

Nearby Restaurants

Falls View Restaurant (6.6 miles away at High Falls)

Buckner's Family Restaurant (9.7 miles away go to Hwy 36, cross I-75, take right on Bucksnort Rd.)

Atlanta South Family Restaurant (8.9 miles away at Hwy 36 and I-75 at TA Atlanta South Travel Plaza)

Fresh Air BBQ (5.1 miles away on Hwy 42 towards Jackson)

Blind Pig BBQ (10.4 miles away via Higgins Rd.)

In Jackson city limits: (about 7 miles from Dauset Trails on Hwy 42)

The Lunchbox

Hunter's Family Restaurant...southern cooking

Mandarin Garden...Chinese

Huddle House

Pizza Hut

KFC/Taco Bell

Lil' Ceasars


Burger King

Brusters Ice Cream


Cook's Lunchroom

Chicken Run

Mustard Seed

Mesquite Grill...Mexican

Lucky's Italian Restaurant

Great American Hotdog

Big Chic

Jimmy's Steak Out

Wing Depot

Dairy Queen