Georgia's Protected Wildlife

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has compiled a list of wildlife considered threatened throughout the state. Decline of these mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes and invertebrates are attributed mostly to loss of habitat and the inability of the animal to adapt to change.


Rafinesque's Big-eared Bat, Gray Bat, Indiana Bat, Round-tailed Muskrat, Northern Right Whale, Humpback Whale, West Indian Manatee, Florida Panther, Eastern Cougar, and the Appalachian Cottontail.


Red-cockaded Woodpecker, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Swallow-tailed Kite, Wood Stork, American Oystercatcher, Least Tern, Gull-billed Tern, Bachman's Sparrow, Piping Plover, Wilson's Plover, Common Raven, Kirtland's Warbler, Bewicks Wren, and Bachman's Warbler.


Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Green Sea Turtle, Leatherback Sea Turtle, Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Gopher Tortoise, Spotted Turtle, Bog Turtle, Barbour's Map Turtle, Common Map Turtle, Alabama Map Turtle, and the Eastern Indigo Snake.


Flatwoods Salamander, Green Salamander, Georgia Blind Salamander, Pigeon Mountain Salamander, One-toed Amphiuma, Hellbender,and the Striped Newt.


Shortnose Sturgeon, Alabama Shad, Spotted Bullhead, Blue Shiner, Bluestripe Shiner, Tallapoosa Shiner, Altamaha Shiner, Blackbanded Sunfish, Blotched Chub, Holiday Darter, Greenfin Darter, Lipstick Darter, Coldwater Darter, Black Darter, Etowah Darter, Goldstripe Darter, Cherokee Darter, Tallapoosa Darter, Trispot Darter, Wounded Darter, Banded Topminnow, Stippled Studfish, Northern Studfish, Flame Chub, Bigeye Chub, Ohio Lamprey, Bluefin Killifish, Pretty Shiner, Suwannee Bass, River Redhorse, Robust Redhorse, Popeye Shiner, Redeye Chub, Highscale Shiner, Silver Shiner, Sandbar Shiner, Mountain Madtom, Black Madtom, Frecklebelly Madtom, Freckled Madtom, Amber Darter, Tangerine Darter, Goldline Darter, Conasauga Logperch, Freckled Darter, Dusky Darter, River Darter, Muscadine Darter, Olive Darter, Snail Dater, Fatlips Minnow, Stargazing Minnow, Broadstripe Shiner, Bluenose Shiner, and the Southern Cavefish.


Fat Threeridge, Purple Bankclimber, Upland Combshell, Southern Acornshell, Atlantic Pigtoe, Finelined Pocketbook, Shinyrayed Pocketbook, Alabama Moccasinshell, Coosa Moccasinshell, Gulf Moccasinshell, Ochlockonee Moccasinshell, Southern Clubshell, Southern Pigtoe, Ovate Clubshell, Oval Pigtoe, and the Triangular Kidneyshell.

This list was put together by Wildlife Biologists in the Nongame Endangered Wildlife Program with the help of colleagues within the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.