After wet weather, mushrooms of all shapes, sizes and colors appear like magic
on the paths at Dauset Trails.

Here are many varieties photographed on the Animal Trail:  
Amantia caesarea Mycena pura
Russula mariae Cantharellus cinnabarinus Amanita frostiana
 Amanita bisporigera
Amanita albocreata Oxyporus populinus Amanita bisporigera
Boletinellus merulioides Lactarius yazooensis Hydnum repandum

Organisms in the world of fungi appear in many forms-bacteria, algae, slime, mold, and thousands of species of mushrooms.

Mold takes over old oranges, bread and dirty bathrooms. It's amazing that penicillin was discovered from mold!

Fungi grow on moist soil, wood, bark and dung.

Plants and animals would not decompose without the help of fungi and bacteria.

Mushrooms are most easily found after long periods of rain. Look for them around rotten logs, stumps, and moist soil areas.

There are many edible wild mushrooms, but a trained eye is needed to identify them. Many species are dangerously poisonous.

Print a Poster!
Click this picture to reveal a fungi poster
from the GA Forestry Commission.

Play it safe- only eat the mushrooms sold in grocery stores!

Come out to Dauset Trails and see a fun variety of fungus among us.