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Hampton Daughtry

Hampton Daughtry was born in 1900 in Jackson, Georgia.  As a boy, he roamed the woods that would later be donated to form Dauset Trails.  Hampton was greatly influenced by his minister, Dr. Robert Van Deventer, of Jackson, who formed the second Boy Scout Troop in the state of Georgia, one of the pioneering Boy Scout troops in the United States.  Hampton joined the Boy Scouts in 1912.

After graduating from Georgia Tech, he made his fortune in the textile business, traveled the world, and in 1943, started a Foundation in Jackson to operate all of the city and county youth recreational programs.  To honor his minister, he named it the Van Deventer Foundation.

Throughout the years, Mr. Daughtry actively supported the Boy Scouts in projects and services.  In 1977, the title Van Deventer was changed to Daughtry so that Hampton Daughtry's name and generosity for the community would carry on into the future.  This was the year Dauset Trails would materialize.

Hampton Daughtry and his longtime friend, David Settle, always had a dream of creating a preserved area for future generations to enjoy nature and wildlife.  They had already established a recreation center for youth-league sport activities in Jackson, but there wasn't a place where people could get out and experience nature without interference from civilization.

In 1977, a large tract of land belonging to Mr. Daughtry was deeded to the Daughtry Foundation to establish Dauset Trails.  It would never be developed or commercialized.  Years later, David Settle passed away, and his wife donated additional acreage for Dauset Trails.  Along with purchases from Georgia Pacific and neighboring citizens, the total area rose to about 1100 acres.

Over the years, from a few hiking trails, a couple of animal pens and a visitor's center, Mr. Daughtry watched Dauset Trails grow into an environmental education center with wildlife exhibits, programs, picnicking, camping, and more.

In 1991, Hampton Daughtry passed away and wanted to be buried at Dauset Trails.  His grave site is the focal point of the beautifully landscaped Memorial Garden located near the visitor's cabin.

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