Felis concolor

Trail Tidbits

Our Cougar passed away in 2018 from old age health complications. We plan to aquire another cougar soon.

 Cougars are scarce in the Eastern United States.

 The Eastern Cougar was once plentiful in Georgia, but became extinct. The Western Cougar is plentiful in mountain and desert regions of the U.S.

 Cougars have many common names such as Mountain lion, Puma, Panther, Painter, and Catamount.

 The Florida panther, a sub species, or a "spin-off" group from the cougar, remains in the east in South Florida, but because of loss of habitat and inbreeding, is close to extinction.

 Cougars are fast and powerful cats that easily overcome their prey by pouncing or chasing and with a quick bite to the neck, bring it down for a feast. They prefer deer, but will also catch coyote, beaver, rabbit, raccoon, mice and birds.

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