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October November 2011  Cane Syrup, New River Otters, Trail of Terror, Pumpkin Party

August 2011  Ocmulgee Blacksmith Guild Auction, Prudent Pond Practices

March/April 2011  Medicinal Herbs

February 2011  Turtles, Tortoises, and Terrapins

January 2011  Wings of Destiny- Migration facts on Monarch Butterflies, Purple Martins, and Sandhill Cranes


November 2010  Persimmons Predict the Weather, Nature's Cleaning Crew

October 2010  New Monthly format, Outreach Programming, Bike Race, Cane Syrup/ Blacksmithing, Fall display.

March 2010  Wild About Rabies, Lucky Ladybugs at Work, Wildlife Wonders, Gardeners Dirt- Three Sisters, Trails Trivia...


September 2009   Dauset Trails Forges Ahead, Key Ingredients, Opossum- North America's Only Marsupial, Movie Under the Stars, Trails Trivia

March 2009   Attracting Purple Martins, Prescribed Burning, Orphaned Wildlife, Movie Under the Stars, Trails Trivia


August 2008   4th. Praise in the Pines Festival, Wedding Chapel, Summer Day Camp, Lyme Time, Cooking with Kudzu, Upcoming Events, Trails Trivia


September 2007   3rd. Praise in the Pines Festival, Summer Day Camp, Fishing Rodeo, Drought and Wildlife, Trails Trivia

March 2007   Here's Looking at You, Sweet Daphne, New Tree ID Trail, Bluegrass is Back, Upcoming Events, Trails Trivia


September 2006   Dances With Butterflies, Volunteer at Dauset Trails, Bees Work and Bees Wax, Upcoming Events, Trails Trivia

February 2006   A Turn for the Better, The Sweet Smell of Success, Eagle Scout Projects, Who's Whoo Among the Owls, Upcoming Events, Trails Trivia


August 2005   Archery Program a Hit, Bridges Over Troubled Water, The Red bug Blues, The Skinny on the Jenny Hinny, Trails Trivia

March 2005   Bluebirds and Bluegrass Festival, Toe Tappin'...(band info and links), All About Bluebirds, Print Bluebird Box Plans, Trails Trivia


December 2004   Fall's Fashion Show, Water Feature for Wildlife, There is Nothing Sweeter, Attention Educators, New Reservation Fees for 2005, Upcoming Events, Trails Trivia

August 2004   GRPA Outdoor Institute, Mr. Daughtry's Good Deeds, What's So Bad About Bugs?, Nature's Engineers, Twilight Fall schedule, Trails Trivia


Winter 2003   Bluegrass Festival, Live Bluegrass Music at the Trails, Meet Johnny Appleseed, Trails Trivia

Fall/Winter 03 04   Snappers!, Cycling at Dauset, Threatened to Endangered, Reservation Changes, Day Camp '04 Schedule, Trails Trivia

Spring/Summer 2003   Duck Duck Chicken, Counting on Bluebirds, Twilight at the Trails, It's Not Easy Being Green, Trails Trivia


Fall 2002   Questions on the Trail, Daddy-longlegs, Donations, The Natural Corner, GArdener's Dirt- Carol Malone, Trails Trivia

Summer 2002   Intern's Life, Kids Crave Camp!, New Bobcats, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Baby Screech Owls

Spring 2002   Celebrate National Trails Day, Turner Studios & Fox 5 Visit Dauset Trails, Attract Amphibians to Your Yard, Gardener's Dirt: Mulching

Winter 2002   Bluebirds and Bluegrass Festival Coming Soon!, Chris Andrews, Hike, Bike and Horseback, Trails Tails and Tales


Fall 2001   Mr. Lou, Pumpkin Party, Recreational Pathways, Contest of Crows, Christmas Parade, Mountain Bike Workshop, Gardener's Dirt-Decorating the Natural Way

Summer 2001 Part II "Gator Tales," "Life of a Day Camper," Water Moccasin vs. Water Snake, Gardener's Dirt- Beetles

Summer 2001 Part I Mountain Bike Riding, "Oh Deer...," "Hummingbirds," "The Amazing Crow," "How About Them Stumps!"

Winter 2001 First Annual Bluebirds and Bluegrass Festival, "Bluebird" article, "Bluegrass" article, Recreational Pathways, "Mushrooms" article


Fall2000 Scare Crow Contest, Pumpkin Party, World's Lrgest Acorn?

Summer2000 Day Camp, Symphony of Frogs, Night Eyes, Backyard Birding

Winter/Spring2000 "Name that Tail" game, Christmas parade, Ice Storm, Great Gardening tips in Gardener's Dirt


Fall99 Barred owl and I.Q. test, "Wilbur's Tail" article, Pumpkin lore in the Gardener's Dirt section

Summer99 Day Camp, "The Beaver" and more.

Spring99 The first newsletter to be posted online- features articles on our spring festival, Gardener's Dirt with Kathy Henderson- radio's favorite Master Gardener, and more.

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