Mr. Lou Moelchert, Chairman of the Daughtry Foundation's Board of  Trustees,  passed away
November 18, 2001. He was 87. 
     Deeply dedicated to Dauset Trails, he volunteered  in  his younger retirement days by  plowing fields, mowing grass and other projects. Although that kind of work became too demanding, he continued to come out daily to walk the trails, relax with a large mug of coffee, read the Wall Street Journal, and  lend support.
     Appearing gruff to some, he had a kind and
generous heart and was fond of improvements like the  field of daffodils and daisies and his lotus pond.
       A memorial fund is available if you would like to make a contribution. Call our office for details. He will be missed .

Mr. Lou enjoying his paper at Dauset Trails

      Tired of simple triangle faces on Halloween pumpkins? Our Pumpkin Party taught  participants more interesting techniques. With patterns and carving tools,  parents and kids had a great time creating fancy designs including spooky cats, ghosts, a wolf, a moon, and an American flag on that chilly night October 27th.
       Fueled by determination and plenty of hot chocolate,  excited kids of all ages,  turned ordinary looking pumpkins into extraordinary decorations for their porch fronts on Halloween. Enjoy this ancient European tradition at Dauset Trails next year to create some Fall fun!

Seen on the Trails

     Decorating for Christmas at Dauset Trails involves a lot of work and time but always
ensures a beautiful display. Each year, our landscape crew searches for new ways to artistically display  nature's beauty.
     To decorate the natural way all you need is imagination, and a variety of  resources found  in your yard. One idea is to shape lichen-covered branches into a wreath. Use floral wire to hold the wreath together. The lichen gives the wreath a silvery hue. When white or red  berries or ornaments are added,  the wreath will charm any home.       
     For the table centerpiece, make a pine cone tree. Gather small  cones  from Virginia pines, hemlocks, etc. and hot-glue them to a styrafoam tree cone. Fill in the cracks with colorful berries from holly or cedar trees.
     Another attractive decoration utilizing pine cones can be hung on your tree or in windows. Take three pine cones of different sizes and thread them vertically above each other onto craft wire or thin cord. In between each cone, loop a colorful bead.
     To give your pine cones that frosted, snowy look, dab some hot-glue on the edge of each open scale, and let dry. Hot-glue works best because it dries faster. Paint each glob of glue with Metallic White Pearl folk art paint. The cones will have everlasting snow. Glitter can optionally be added on the glue before it dries.
      Enjoy these easy  to make decorations that will add charm to your holiday home.

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