Camping is available for organized groups only such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, church groups, etc.

 A $50.00 deposit is required 2 weeks from the day your reservation is made. The deposit applies towards the balance.

 There is a $5.00 fee per camper per night with a minimum group size of 15 people.  Please call (770) 775-6798 for availability and to make a reservation. We do not take reservations by E-mail.

 Pavilion 2 is included with the camping fees and has restrooms and an outdoor shower. It is located on the lake near the camping areas. The Pavilion may be used for meals, programs, or shelter from violent weather. No camping is allowed under the pavilion! See Pavilion 2 for more information.

 Most sites are primitive and have no electricity.   Tent pads and fire rings are provided.

Turkey Roosts

Try out our "Turkey Roosts" for a scenic experience. These platforms have a tin roof and are set on a hill overlooking a beautiful ravine near the lake. There are 3 "roosts" with two levels each. Each level could sleep about 5 adults comfortably for a potential of 30 adults. There is a fire ring at the middle roost. There is no extra fee to use these.

The sites are set back a mile in the woods and are located around a small lake.

Canoeing, fishing, and swimming are allowed by campers only.  A canoe key may be checked out when signing for the camping area.  Paddles and life jackets are provided.